Marriage and Family Therapist Student and Professional Organizations

Student and Professional organizations are resources for students and professionals to network, find supervisors, learn about the job market, find conferences, learn about advocacy, learn about changes in licensing requirements, find the latest research, find continuing education and much more.

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Marriage and Family Therapy student associations are most often affiliated with a College or University and can usually be found via the school’s marriage and family therapy website. Professional organizations welcome MFT students to membership in most cases and provide many useful student resources.

Featured Programs:
  • Featured Online Marriage and Family Therapy Program Options:
  • Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers a variety of Master’s programs in Mental Health Counseling including an online M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Marriage and Family Therapy and an online Post-M.S. in Counseling: Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate. Each state has specific education requirements as they pertain to MFT licensure. Confirm with your state that this program will meet licensure requirements. Click here to learn more about the GCU programs and course descriptions.
  • Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers a CACREP accredited online Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Click here to learn about the psychology and counseling programs at SNHU.
  • Walden University - MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling; MS in Forensic Psychology - Family Violence; MS in Human Services Family Studies and Intervention. Click here to learn more.
  • Prepare for counseling licensure in as few as 27 months with Pepperdine’s online MA in Clinical Psychology - no GRE required. The program is top ranked for return on investment (ROI) by OnlineU.
  • The Family Institute at Northwestern University - Complete your COAMFTE-accredited MFT online program in as few as 24 months. No GRE required.Click here to learn more.
  • Liberty University - Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. Click here to learn more.
  • University of West Alabama offers a Master's of Science in Family Counseling as well as several additional Master's programs and a Bachelor's in Psychology undergraduate option. Graduates are prepared to pursue positions in counseling, research, education and other industries. Click here to learn about the University of West Alabama and their programs.

Student Organizations

  • The International Marriage and Family Therapy Honor Society: Delta Kappa

Professional Organizations and Associations

  • International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC)
    5999 Stevenson Avenue
    Alexandria, Virginia 22304-3300
  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT)
    AAMFT – Central Office
    112 South Alfred Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    Phone: (703) 838-9808
  • National Council on Family Relations
    1201 West River Parkway – Suite 200
    Minneapolis, MN 55454
  • International Family Therapy Association
  • American Family Therapy Academy
  • European Family Therapy Association
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Accrediting Agencies for MFT Education

  • Commission on Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education
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